The aim of this project is to build an inclusive approach for formal and informal education, based on tale through a specific tool (Playing cards “Fairy Tales”).

PROGRAM: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for youth

CODE: 2018-2-IT03-KA205-014431

BUDGET: 121,222.00 €

InMemo 2013

The main goal of the project was to collect experience from the witnesses of the totalitarian regimes and commemorate the invisible victims: physically and mentally disabled mistreated by totalitarian regimes.

PROGRAM: Europe for citizens

CODE: 2013/3271/001-001

BUDGET: 97.000 €


The aim of OSM – MEMORIA 2011 was to keep alive the memory of the victims of Nazism and Stalinism and to involve the citizens in a reflection on the causes and consequences of them.

PROGRAM: Europe for Citizens – Action 4

CODE: 2011-3518/001-001

BUDGET: 54.176 €


The main objective of ALL INCLUSIVE 2011 is to create a long-term partnership that enables partners to get to know each other’s experiences and practices in the field of nursing and integrated education of infants.

PROGRAM: Leonardo da Vinci

CODE: HU-2011-Leo-PA-6020

BUDGET: 11.000 €

CASO 2010

The CASO 2010 project resulted in the starting of one Case Manager training in Hungary and in Bulgaria, furthermore it helped the already existing Case Manager training in Italy to grow in the Tuscanian region.

PROGRAM: Leonardo da Vinci, TOI – Transfer of innovation

CODE: LLP-LdV-TOI-2010-HU-04

BUDGET: 283.910,00 €