Duration: 2010.12.01. – 2012.05.31

The aim of the project was to conduct professional training of Case Managers – experts who act as intermediaries between the labor market and the subjects that are excluded from it, to include them there. CASO project was born in order to increase employment among young people in Hungary aged 18-25 who leave school, among young women in Bulgaria who have completed higher education and among people with disabilities in Italy by using the model of the professional figure CASE MANAGER who works in the social sphere in an innovative way.

Partners of the project:  Schola Europa Academy of Social Sciences (Budapest, Hungary), Andromeda Società Cooperativa (Vercelli, Italy), Arca Cooperativa Sociale (Florence, Italy), Polymetis Srl Sofia, Bulgaria.

The partnership includes vocational training centers, private companies, and non-profit organizations. The partners involved in the project have proven experience in labor integration, project management and international cooperation.

In the long run, the goal is to introduce training in the national systems of the partner countries. At European level, the Leonardo da Vinci program or other initiatives can stimulate the circulation of actors in Europe to create and maintain a unified system of training and sustainable development


-Schola Europa (Ungheria)

-Andromeda (Italia)

-ARCA  (Italia)

-Polymetis (Bulgaria)