Duration: 2013.12.01. – 2015.05.31

The main goal of the project was to conduct research and conduct interviews in the countries of the participants with witnesses of the totalitarian regimes and subsequently they met on several occasions to share and discuss their experiences. Participants were from Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria including disabled and healthy participants.

The project, also, intended to change the participants’ perception of these lesser known historical facts regarding totalitarian regimes and contribute to create a Manual summarizing methods of teaching young adults about totalitarianism. 


-Cooperativa Sociale ARCA (Italy)

-National Business Development Network (Bulgaria)

-Laura Ház (Romania)

-Örökmozgó Közhasznú Egyesület (Hungary)

-Pegaso Network della Cooperazione Sociale Toscana (Italy)

-Nemzetközi Pető Intézet Gyakorló Általános Iskola és Kollégium

-Grupul Scolar Baróti Szabó Dávid (Romania)