Galileo Progetti Non-profit Ltd. is a non-profit enterprise, it was founded in Budapest in 2009.

It is a non-profit social enterprise, it was funded to promote well-being, social inclusion, development, and to increase international cooperation.

Galileo is a Hungarian company with an Italian participation: it belongs to the business group of companies set up by ARCA Social Cooperative of Florence.

The main objectives of Galileo are the development of the social economy and social sector in general and the inclusion policies. Galileo also aims to develop the feeling of civil participation and European citizenship and works with particular attention for the inclusion of disadvantaged people or at risk of social exclusion, such as Roma minorities and disabled people. Galileo have continuous exchange of good practices and experiences among the European Union countries and works in collaboration with private and public local bodies, involving in European experiences organizations that are normally not very active at international level, guided by the belief that international experiences increase personal and professional skills and have a strongly positive impact on the development of the quality of the social sector at local level. 

Galileo has developed a wide local and international network of social enterprises, educational institutions, VET providers, public organizations’, associations, and civil organizations.

It’s member of the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises ENSIE. 

The management is guided by the belief that good practices exchange can increase the local development and the competences of the local organizations, such as sharing and adapting well-functioning training and working processes in the social sector can have a significant impact on the professional performance, on the competitiveness of the local participants. 

Galileo target group are mostly vulnerable groups, with attention to the fight against discrimination and the inclusion in the workplace and in the society of the disadvantaged people, particularly disabled people, people belonging to minorities and in situation of economic distress and at risk of social exclusion.

If you would like to know more about Galileo Progetti, you can download our presentation here.