Duration:  01/01/2019 – 31/12/2020

The aim of this strategic partnership is to build an inclusive approach for formal and informal education, based on tale through a specific tool (Playing cards “Fairy Tales”) created and developed by “Stranaidea” on the local level and then recognised by the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ as a good practice to be developed and spread on the european level.

The tool includes the usage of a pack of cards to invent stories, inspired by the cards and the studies of Propp, based on the identification of structures and recurring elements in the stories and tales, where diversity and different types of disadvantage are a given element of the characters that has to be considered. Starting from the elaboration of famous tales, the cards can be used to look at the modern world, through an imaginative aspect and a new reinterpretation. It is also possible to create with the students new kinds of cards and new cards of the types already existing in the pack. 

General goals:

  • Foster the integration of disadvantaged students, including people with migrant experiences;
  • Prevent and combat any form of discrimination and segregation in the education;
  • Support teachers and educators in managing conflicts and dissimilarities. 
  • Create inclusive and democratic environments. 


– Strana Idea (Italy)

– YES association (Holland)

– Jaunpils novada Dome (Latvia)