Duration: 01/12/2020 – 30/11/2023

The purpose of the Net-Works project is to help establishing new national and/or regional networks of work-based adult education providers, providing them with key organizational management knowledge and tools to strengthen their ability to effectively and efficiently provide adult education – especially for those furthest from the labour market – within the participating countries. The three main activities of the project are :

1. Build up and capacitate new local/regional networks of work-based adult education providers;

2. Communication and promotion of work-based adult education providers and their innovative pedagogical approaches of adult education through employment;

3.  Long term cooperation and financial sustainability;

The project in general will contribute to the overall programme goal by elaborating smart solutions (adapted strategies and tools for skills building etc.) and in this way answer to EU challenges. 

Main outputs:

  • Country Fiche | ENG
  • Country reports on Work-based adult education providers (D 3.1) | HUNENG
  • FAQ Collection (D 3.2.2) | HUNENG
  • MOOC on Networks of work based adult education providers capacity building (D 3.3.1) | HUNENG
  • MOOC Leaflet (D 3.3.2) | HUNENG
  • Inventory of successful methodologies in regards to work-based adult education (D 4.1.2) | ENG
  • Guidebook on external communication for work-based adult education providers (D 4.2.1) | HUNENG
  • Repertory of financial sustainability good practices (D 5.1) | HUNENG


– European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (Belgium)

– Socent Company Limited by Guarantee (Ireland)


– Galileo Progetti Nonprofit KFT. (Hungary)

– ZDRUZENIE INSTITUT ZA RAZVOJ NA ZAEDNICATA (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)- ASSOCIACAO A3S (Portugal)

– Asociacia subjektov socialnej ekonomiky (Slovakia)