To the MOOC

Net-Works Project partners are glad to announce that MOOC is out! The main objective of the free MOOC “Networks of work-based adult education providers capacity building” is to build up and sustain new local/regional networks of work-based adult education providers among developed and less developed networks, focusing on network building: networking principles, lobbying & advocacy, leadership, and financial sustainability, as well as knowledge sharing/ good practices to encourage mutual learning. After completing the MOOC, the learners will be able to:

  • Get familiar with common concepts of social economy for work integration of vulnerable adults: profiles of people from disadvantaged categories, role of work integration social enterprises (WISEs)
  • Understand the purpose of a network. Why and when it is necessary / useful to build a network?
  • How a network looks like – the structure of a network, develop representation and leadership
  • What are the perks of adhering to a network
  • Understand the concepts of advocacy & lobby and when to turn to one of them
  • Get basic know-how on how to create successful advocacy campaigns
  • How to make a network financially sustainable