Duration: 01/06/2017 –  31/07/2018

The goal of the EDUCHILD project was to offer opportunity for training and competence development to the staff and the earners of the consortium members (Hungarian National Association of Nurseries and Ferenczi Sándor MszC Healtcare Vocational School), to call the attention to this topic, and to develop the competences of the actual and future educators.

In order to achieve this goal the following activities have been realized during the project:

– preparatory activities, training in Hungary; for the students also Italian language preparation
– short-term (5-6 week) and long-term mobility (8-month) for ECEC educator students and freshly graduated students.
– 5-day long staff mobility for 6 professionals working in the fields of Early Child Education and Care, vocational education and training in the social sector and in ECEC educators’ training.

The students carried out a professional traineeship accompanied by tutoring and job-shadowing, and the staff attended a study visit based on professional visits, observation-job shadowing, and experience exchange at the multicultural and inclusive nurseries of the Arca Cooperativa Sociale in Florence, which plays a leading role in the Tuscan region for early childhood services, in multiculturalism and inclusion.

The achievements and impacts are manifold: the increased interest and awareness of the participants in the importance of quality, multicultural and inclusive early childhood education, and related to this the increased conviction in the importance of the modernization of ECEC educators’ training, and of the further training of professionals, which can have long-term benefits such as a more inclusive local community, national and European society.


-Miskolci SZC Ferenczi Sándor Egészségügyi Szakgimnáziuma

-ARCA Cooperativa Sociale

-Magyar Bölcsődék Egyesülete