Duration: 16/10/2017 – 18/10/2017

The Central European Initiative (CEI) is a regional intergovernmental forum committed to supporting European integration trough cooperation between and among its member States and with the European Union and international organisations. The CEI strategic objectives are support CEI Member States on their path towards European integration; promote the alignment of CEI Member States to EU standards; implement small and medium-sized projects. The aim of the political cooperation is to supply the countries and their institutions with a flexible platform for regional cooperation while focusing on their preparation to a future accession to the European Union.
The CEI is actively engaged in supporting projects in various areas of cooperation, also through the mobilization of financial resources providing greater possibilities for studying, financing and executing national and international projects.


– Partners Albania (Albania)

– ARBHEIT PLUS (Austria)

– NBDN (Bulgaria)

– ACT Group (Croatia)

– ARCA (Italy)

– INKLUZIVA (Macedonia)

– CDI (Macedonia)

– LOTOS (Bosnia)

– ECO-RAZENI (Moldavia)

– First Parent’s Ass. For children and youth with disabilities (Montenegro)

– Stowarzyszenie Wsparcie Społeczne „Ja-Ty-My” (Poland)

– Fokus Praha (Repubblica Ceca)

– ADV (Romania)

– Narodna Dopomoha (Ukraine)

– IDC (Serbia)

– EPIC NGO (Slovakia)

– Dobrovita (Slovenia)

– Matyodesign (Hungary)