Duration: 25/12/2020 – 24/08/2022

According to the International Dyslexia Association (2002), dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty, with a neurobiological origin characterized by difficulties that occur in the accurate and fluent recognition of words, which are manifested by spelling problems and problems with the abilities for decoding. Also, dyslexia is the most common learning disability (Rief & Stern, p. 3). Teachers all around the world face students with such problems in their classrooms every day. Dyslexic students face the risk of academic failure, and a lower reading efficiency and self-correction (Burden, 2008), as well as a lower self-esteem (Alexander-Passe, 2006).

In that direction, the main objective of the DYSCOURSE project is creation of an on-line platform that will contain courses and various dyslexia working strategies and methods. These instruments will be developed within this project in the form of intellectual outputs by young adults (students in the field of Special Education and Rehabilitation). The content from the platform will be the basis on which an app will be created. Through this app, parents, caregivers, pedagogues, special educators as well as other students can monitor the development of reading and subsequently writing of each child. These changes in practice will eminently lead to a change in theory.


-Zdruzenie za disleksija AJNSTAJN Skopje (Republic of North Macedonia)

-Fondazione Hallgarten-Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca (Italy)

-Latvijas Disleksijas biedriba (Latvia)