Duration: 2020.09.01 – 2023.10.31

The transition process should be viewed as an important opportunity for the young child to develop his or her socio-emotional skills. It is important to analyse how the child’s first approach to the pre-school institution is managed by professionals and institutions from different backgrounds. Adaptation is a very important stage in the child’s socialization and later personality development, as the nursery scene is the first stage where the child first meets the institution. Adaptation means gradual separation over several weeks, slow adaptation to the new environment, and a gentle transition. Some of the most significant changes a child experiences when they go to nursery are separation from mother/father, new personal and material environment, and change in daily rhythm of life, new microbiological environment, new dietary habits, new types of food, the need for adaptation. During this transition period, children and their parents may experience difficulties due to the differences in the new environment.

The main objective is to analyse and compare the important activity of socio-behavioural adaptation of the child in childcare services. This project has a transnational nature, this is a fundamental point because the various European partnerships help to identify and share the good practices on the adaptation phase in pre-school services. 

Some Good Practices about pre-school education:

  • Adaptation in Pre-School Environment – Montessori IQ Corner, Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Pre-School Education Narva Lasteaed Põngerjas, Narva (Estonia)
  • Acclimation period in Florence’s early childhood education centers – ARCA Cooperativa Sociale, Florence (Italy)
  • CEIP Martínez Valls and First Steps, Ontinyent (Spain)
  • Adaptation in our nursery, Unified Nursery of Józsefváros – JEB, Budapest (Hungary)


-Privatna predskolska ustanova “Montessori IQ” kutak (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

-ARCA Cooperativa Sociale (Italy)

-CEIP Martínez Valls (Spain)

-Józsefvárosi Egyesített Bölcsödék (Hungary)

-Preschool Pőngerjas (Estonia)