Duration: 1/09/2019 – 31/10/2021

In the European Union, people far away from employment constitute a heterogeneous group in the population, aged from 15 to 64 and their socio-professional integration remains a major issue. In the same way, a large number of structures of occupational integration and training in Europe point out the fact that the public far from the labour market is increasingly difficult to mobilise because it is highly disconnected from the network services able to support them.

The project partners from 5 countries of the European Union (France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Belgium) encounter these same problems in yet different environments, such as: the limited use of socio-professional information spaces by the public question, or the volatility of young people with difficulty of integration.

The objectives are the followings:

– Enable professionals to acquire new approaches/practices in terms of (re)mobilisation of the public, transferable in the countries involved and in other non-project countries.

– Strengthening cooperation between training and socio-professional integration actors. For this purpose, the project proposes the development of several free digital resources for insertion professionals. 


-Institut Ee l’Entreprise et de l’Innovation Sociale (France)

-Pour La Solidarite ASBL (Belgium)

-Associacio Per A La Creacio I Estudis De Projectes Socials C.E.P.S. (Spain)

-Institut National De Formation Et De Recherce Sur L’Education Permanente Infrep SAS (France)

-Réseau des Cités des métiers (France)

-Cooperative Orso s.c.s. (Italy)