Duration: 01/12/2016 – 31/05/2018

The PRESS project intends to contribute to the implementation of the strategy for the achievement of the objectives set by Europe 2020 in education, employment and social inclusion, and in Hungary to the implementation of the NATIONAL SOCIAL INCLUSION STRATEGY-EXTREME POVERTY, CHILD POVERTY, THE ROMA 2011-2020.

The target group is women in situation or at risk of social exclusion; particularly women of the Roma minority, whose rate of employment and qualification are very low.  Supporting their inclusion is a European priority to improve their current conditions and to ensure equal opportunity for future generations.

The Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship, in particular the Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) have proven to be an important and effective tool for development and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups in a path of C-VET, thanks to the work insertion in social enterprises (springboard and/or permanent model),  work-based learning, job coaching, mentoring, skills assessment, identification of individual career paths, job shadowing, on the job training, until to the insertion in companies of the market. organizations of the sector thanks to the Network, and the same between them and the public administration, and the increase of the European dimension.


– Réseau d’Entreprises Sociales (Belgium)

– European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (Belgium)

– Associação A3S (Portugal)

– Ulisse Cooperativa Sociale di tipo B B (Italy)

– ACT Grupa (Croatia)

–  FAEDEI (Spain)