Duration: 01/08/2013 – 30/09/2014

FAN 2013 project provided a good possibility for nurses workers in Hungarian “crèche”s to get familiar in practice (on the job) with the professional and educational program developed by ARCA and PEGASO (an accredited vocational education institute) in Italy at local day nurseries.

The main characteristic of educational program in their nurseries is the flexibility and adaptation of pedagogical methodologies and opening hours to the needs of families.

The project refers to ECVET: participant will use an earlier developed competency table for measuring development of already possessed and newly gained (during the internship) competences. The development of the list of competences linked to the knowledge planned to acquire related to the above mentioned Italian educational methodologies.


  • Cooperativa Sociale ARCA (Italy)
  • CEPISS Cooperativa Sociale onlus (Italy)